2020 Investment Summit

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Generating Income in a New Paradigm

Investing at a time when deposits pay you zilch!

If things aren’t challenging enough, along comes the RBA in the last couple of months and drops cash rates to historic lows of below 1%. On top of that, the RBA has recently been talking about its own combination of Quantitive Easing, otherwise known as ‘Helicopter Money’.

Suddenly investors are dealing with a new paradigm, where to invest when real returns are negative and as such, don’t protect you from inflation.

Its easy to just follow the herd and add more and more ‘high yield’ equities to the portfolio, but with most portfolios at or above their benchmark weight to equities, is this the time to be overweight to equities? Most investment specialists are saying ‘NO’!

With the risk of a market correction high and many analysts of the opinion we’re close to the peak of the current cycle, investors need to be vigilant on where to seek yield in a world awash with cash and lacking any real return.

This seminar will help provide clarity on the current investment climate, outline an overview of why real returns in the deposit markets are negative, highlight how long this situation is likely to play out for, provide opportunities on how to access yield in other investment classes and how to manage the risks of moving out of guaranteed deposits paying you practically zilch!

Aimed at all investors, but particularly focused for SMSF trustees, this one-day seminar will ensure you are informed about where we are in the market cycle and how to deal with the biggest challenge for all – ensuring your portfolio generates the required level of income and how best to do this.

March 20th, 2020 9:00 AM through  4:30 PM
SMC Conference & Function Centre
66 Goulburn Street
Sydney NSW
Sydney, NSW 2000
Phone: 1300555061
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